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Les 4 Fils Aymon

Charleville-Mézières (Fr-08)

The Royal Big-Top



You are going to place the artist at the heart of everyday life and not hidden by walls from being seen.

Let’s explain:
First of all, we depart with trucks and caravans. We erect the stage or the big-top and, at the same time, set up the amazing street scenery, to make the play both visible and accessible.

This will arouse the audience’s curiosity about such a charming place with such promises of enchantment.

We are going to perform the theatre we love: fairground theatre which exhorts the crowd, raises the temperature, takes over the space and the word, benefiting from a place ideal for listening.

We’re thrilled!


Our Big-Top is ...

*Dimensions: 20 metres x 10 metres;
*Capacity: 200 places;
*Terrace and floor
*Total cover (black canvas roof and curtain sides);
*1 day assembly with 4 people;
*1 day breakdown with 4 people.


Some Photos...

Charleville Mezières 2010
New York
Evreux 2008



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