La Porte du Diable

Le Roeulx (Be)
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Nous sommes fermés !

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La Porte du Diable... à bicyclette !

Leyrieu (Fr-38)

Les Royales Marionnettes ...

A family theatre group since 1941 


Les Royales Marionnettes, this is a grand old lady born in 1941, but don’t worry, because this is an old lady who goes out at night, who drinks a beer and whose libido is intact. Let’s say she is more comparable to Anny Cordy than to Queen Fabiola.

In these plays you will find traditional puppets, but don’t worry!
We love our traditional heroes, they rail against injustice, they hammer the undesirable, they worry about their kids, they want the world to change, the audience to twitch a little in their seats,...
In short, although they are really old-fashioned, now is time to place the key under the doormat and to build on Mars.

In these plays you will see no Flemish, but don’t worry!
Nothing cliquish here, there are many Flemish mates, sharing the same beers and frites mayonnaise: already it’s not so bad!

... aussi à bicyclette ...